What is the I Am Worthy Photo Series?

The I Am Worthy photo series calls for people everywhere to reflect on themselves and show the world who they are and what they care about. Debuted in March 2017, the series has recently completed its second cycle at Indiana University on April 14th, 2019.

For every cycle of the series, those in the community can apply for a position as a photo series model. Twenty people are selected based on how they answer the questions asked in the application, and invited to participate in an I Am Worthy photoshoot. Models are asked to come dressed in whatever makes them feel confident and to bring an object that is important to them. Following the photoshoot, they are interviewed and invited to tell their story. The caption on their photos is based on a quote that they have chosen, as well as one that  I Am Worthy selects from their interview. 

Through every step of the process, the Worth Project is committed to respecting, empowering, and uplifting everyone involved. The photo series exists as a visual and written celebration of the people we see around us every day. Every person has something to offer and a story to tell, and this series exists to assert that. 

I Am Worthy 2017

PhotographerTracy Luther | Interviewers – Viviana Ramirez and Maya Wilson-Fernandez

I Am Worthy 2019

Photographers – Nivedha Meyyapan, Sam Karichu, and Tracy Luther  | InterviewersDaniela Molina and Maya Wilson-Fernandez